My Next Adventure

At first glance, suddenly moving to Chicago without a job seems to be a crazy decision. I’ve heard various reasons from multiple people why it’s risky. “What will you do for money? You don’t have a job.” “That’s really far!” “What? How can you leave?” And to all these people I think I have somewhat assuaged their concerns. While it is true that money will be tight until I get a job, I am confident that I will find the RIGHT job for me at some point. And in the meantime, I can get a not so right job just to get by while I find my way. The way I look at it, long-term it’s riskier to keep living for free at home never advancing in my career than to start paying for rent and all my expenses without a job while I attempt to spread my wings. Also, I’ve found the saying “nothing in life is free” to be extremely accurate over the past 2 years. While financially I do not have to pay for rent while living at home, living in such way comes with its own “expenses”. For anyone who has lived with their parents for an extended period of time post-college, undoubtedly you know what I’m talking about. There comes a point in everyone’s life where you must move out and be on your own. For some, that times comes right away and for others later on. My time has been long overdue.

I’m discovering that it’s so important to not hold yourself back by fears of uncertainty. Unfortunately, I’m very susceptible to this. I’ve always been cautious of new things and have avoided change. All of the above reasons that friends and family expressed to me (and so many more) are things that I carefully considered before making such a decision. I was late in notifying a lot of people about my decision, so to some it may come off as an impulsive thing since I’m leaving so quick.

Looking forward to my new adventure, I am so excited to explore a new city! I’ve never lived in a city before and while I think I have an idea of what it will be like, I’m sure many surprises await me. I had a bit of culture shock when I visited London for the first time, but I’ve been beginning to wonder how much of that was really me not being used to city life. Not only was it my first time taking a vacation to a foreign country, it was also my first time taking a vacation to a major city. I have of course visited other cities and spend a night or two in them, but it’s an entirely different thing to spend a whole week there exploring the city on your own by foot, train and bus. And exploring on my own by foot, train and bus is exactly what I will be doing in Chicago, except not only just for a week. What a delightful thing it will be to not have to drive a car to get places!

As I ponder my new destination, I think about all my friends and family that I am leaving behind on the east coast. I’m so thankful that all of you have been there for me all these years and I look forward to many many many more good times. And fret not, I will be back for a visit soon!



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