Time After Time

I started watching this new show that premiered last night on ABC called “Time After Time” and I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I like it. Generally I prefer watching TV show dramas as opposed to movies because I love getting so deeply involved in a complicated seemingly, never-ending saga with many twists and turns. There’s just something so enthralling about a series that explores many different avenues in one season, or even one single episode. “Time After Time” is no exception. It follows the story of the renowned author, H.G. Wells, in London in 1893 when he has finished building a time machine, but still in the process of writing his first world-famous book. He discovers that his long-time friend is Jack the Ripper and aims to turn him over to the authorities. However, Jack the Ripper has escaped to present day NYC via the time machine. H.G. Wells then also travels in the time machine to NYC to attempt to bring him back. I found the episode quite enchanting. They portray the stark contrast between H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper impeccably well in this first episode. I find myself captivated by the innocence and authenticity of young H.G. Wells as he navigates his way through NYC, discovering the nasty truth that life in the 21st century is not as perfect as he imagined. All the while, he’s trying to prevent Jack the Ripper from striking again. I have high hopes for this show and earnestly look forward to where this show will go from here.


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