Hating What Others Love

I wonder what it’s like to like things that you don’t already like. There are a few things in this world that I absolutely hate, but other people love. Flowers are an excellent example of this. I see how much joy they bring so many people, but to me they’re so vile. The worst part…

London Round 2

I’ve discovered this year that I absolutely love traveling and ought to do it more often. It’s a shame I didn’t discover it sooner. A couple of weeks ago I came back from London (again) and I found out that solo exploring a city is the best. I used to think it would be lonely….

Unhappy Customer

Whenever I see technology clearly designed to make things easier but is instead complicating things, I’m filled with questions. How could this have possibly been approved? Why is the system worse off than it was before? I’m sure that each new technology was originally designed with the goal of either solving a problem or solving…

The Things We Say

Yesterday at work a guy said to me, “Stay warm!” as he was leaving and it got me thinking. We say all these random things to people all the time to come off as polite. We make small talk. And for some reason, the weather is such a popular topic. Honestly, I find it annoying….

Time After Time

I started watching this new show that premiered last night on ABC called “Time After Time” and I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I like it. Generally I prefer watching TV show dramas as opposed to movies because I love getting so deeply involved in a complicated seemingly, never-ending saga with many twists and turns….

On the Train

It occurred to me today, for the first time, that I might be the subject of other people’s stories. As part of one’s talking with friends and family it is common to talk about the events that transpired that day or any particularly note-worthy details of their life currently going on. This is one of…


  Telling stories about a variety of topics to a variety of people has always been gratifying to me. There’s just something about living through an experience knowing it’s going to be a great story, and then being able to tell that story. In fact, several months ago I frighteningly found myself stranded on a ride in…